Looking for an extra great deal on a pool cue case? We have just the solution for you - Certified Preowned Pool Cue Cases

You can find some real gems-of-a-deal in this section and we are always adding new CPOs so be sure to check back often. REMEMBER, every Certified Pre-Owned pool cue, shaft, and case in this clearance section is its own unique special. If you see one you like you better jump on it! If you don’t someone else might buy it up first.

Every pool cue case listed in this section is Certified Preowned. Every cue bag in this Certified section goes through a four-point inspection where we review and grade the condition of the case.  We check for dents, blemishes, scratches and anything else that might be an issue with each pool cue case in this section.  The results of this grading and inspection process can be seen in the overall and detailed rating grade.

Please note that with all Certified preowned bags and cases, you have 7 days from the time you received your package to try out your shaft.  If you are unhappy with it for any reason during that 7 day period, just contact us for an exchange or refund!

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ARABX Aramith 2 Shaft 2 Butt Pool Cue & Ball Set Box/ CPC347/ tiny dent/ minor cosmetic wear
Our Price $171.38
Save 25%
Out of stock
Predator Sport 2x4 Case CPC354 / Light wear
Our Price $227.05
Save 5%
Professional Cue Case 2 Butts and 4 Shafts
Our Price $120.00
Save 43%
Voodoo VODCOFB 1x1 Coffin case CPS350/ cracks on sides
Our Price $117.60
Save 20%
Action ACZ22 white 2x2 Hard Case CPC353 / light stitching issues around bottom pocket
Our Price $83.20
Save 20%
Instroke Buffalo 3x7 Case CPC151 / Broken External Pocket Clasp, Lightly Used Scuff Marks
Our Price $299.00
Save 43%
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